Trekking in Bhutan

Trekking in Bhutan is still a real adventure. The treks traverse very remote areas and there are very few settlements along the routes. Some of the treks lead several days walk away from the next road head, so all equipment and food supplies for the entire trek have to be carried from the beginning.

Bhutan’s mountains are covered in dense primary forest up to an altitude of 3500 meters. The landscape and vegetation are spectacular and unspoiled. During our treks we want to make sure that this remains and so we always carry our rubbish back out of the mountains and make sure that we leave our camp sites as we found them.


Our trekking guides are licensed and have many years of trekking experience. For the treks leading through very high altitude, we carry a hyperbaric chamber in case of anyone having problems with altitude illness. Medical kids are standard part of the equipment.

For your safety we carry a PAC – Portable Altitude Chamber from Treksafe as well as Iridium Satellite Phones. Air rescue from remote trekking routes is possible. (find more on Diamox, Altitude & Mountain Sickness here)

Comfort and Transport

During our treks we provide three person dome tents for two trekkers to give you enough space and comfort. Single tent accommodation can be arranged on request. We also provide you with comfortable inflatable thermo rest mattresses. Kitchen and dinning tent as well as a toilet tent are standard.

All our treks are guided by experienced and licensed guides, supported by a crew consisting of a cook(s), helper(s) and transport animal handlers. At lower altitudes, we use horses and ponies as pack animals to carry the entire equipment; yaks will take over in higher elevations. You will have to carry only a small pack with your personal items required for the day.

Climate and Weather

Bhutan is a year round travel destination. Every season has its charm and attractions. The best time to trek in Bhutan or visit Bhutan is definitely during spring time and from late September to end of November. It is however not impossible to trek during the rainier months of the year when the plants are blooming and are showing a spectacular display of colors and shapes.

Travel Insurance

We would like to request all our clients to have appropriate travel insurance as well as a health insurance with a worldwide cover. Weather conditions may cause delays in flights, travel and trekking itineraries. High passes can be closed due to sudden heavy snowfall and alternative routes have to be taken. This may shorten or extend the length and number of days of a tour and trek. Chances that this may occur are especially high on the Snowman Trek. Heavy rainfall can lead to land slides and roadblocks. These events are beyond our control and the Government of Bhutan is doing all in its power to keep the roads passable at all times. However, patience, flexibility and team spirit is required when traveling and trekking in Bhutan.

Here are some of the trekking packages Himalaya Karakoram Travel offers.

Trekking Packages